Breaking the ice! New personal best 5km!

December 19, 2006 at 8:32 am 5 comments

Last day I attended the regular local run vinterkarusellen (winter carousel) that is scheduled every 3 weeks during the winter. My long term goal is to run the 5km below 20 minutes. The best time I have run the 5km before is 22.08 and that were about 5 months ago, so I had a big hope to break the 22 minute barrier before going into a new year with new goals to be set. 🙂

The weather yesterday were really nasty early in the day, with heavy rain and zero degrees, not a good combination for a run. But luckily it stopped raining just before leaving for the event. The race is just 15 minutes bike ride away, so I use the bike as way to get there and the same time get warmed up before the run. I strapped on my biking helmet and set off. I arrived at the racing stadium, I got off the bike, found a pole to fasten the bike to, and headed for the stadium to do a 10 min warm up.

At the stadium I did some muscle stretching, and started running slowly around the track, when I noticed something were not right, hmm what could it be? Oh damn!!! I still have the damn bike helmet on!! Oh my god, I must look like a complete moron or something running with the helmet. I laughed at my self, took off my helmet and went back to my bike to put it there. I notice a bit of snickering among people. Anything to bring a smile on peoples face I thought. 🙂

Yay!, not a good start I thought. Well better get my act together and make this a good run. It can only go uphill from here on. 🙂
The run started a bit later, I did not get a good position in the crowd, being right in the middle. The roads are quite narrow in on the race course, so it’s important not to get to far back in the crowd. When running it were a bit problematic to get by people, running sometimes off track on the grass, darting back and fort to get by people. I felt good and strong in body, I held a steady tempo all the time, advancing and running by people. The last km I even had strength to quicken the pace a bit. I were happy to see the finishing line in the distance, and set inn the last of my strength for a spurt. When crossing the line I looked at my wrist watch and noticed with surprise that I had beaten my best time with nearly 30 seconds. 21.40 minutes were the time I got! I felt great joy and cheered at my self for my accomplishment. I promised my self to buy a cake the next day and celibrate with family, for entering into a new time zone and a good closure for the year in running.

I wish you all a happy new running year!

The results (Me at 83 place)
An article from the event in


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